Overwhelmed by support

With Christmas and New Year been and gone and almost through the first month of 2014 time is flying by.  We were very lucky to have a veritable cav...

Hinges of Destiny

“Choices are the hinges of destiny.” – Pythagoras We are planning for our trip back to Australia, tidying up loose ends and hoping against hope to ...


With the increase in the awareness of what we have been doing it has been a consistent period of producing stock, working on new samples and models...

The power and the passion

Things are returning to business as usual around here with the guys back from visiting their friends and family for Ramadan.  This week we have had...

Shot Taker, Play Maker.

So bit of a hiatus on the blog, with orders streaming in and visits from family there has been a fair amount of the good life going on.  We al...

Touch, Pause, Engage

We are so pleased to have our site up and running and to be open for business. We have been truly overwhelmed by the response to the site and our output. We have immense gratitude to those that have shared, liked, commented and have helped us share the good life with others.

With our first orders out the door we are now focusing our efforts on some additional areas.

The Social Network is a film we've seen

So after an extended hiatus we are back updating the happenings. We've spent the past month or so back in Australia, attending nuptials, seeking advice and extensively increasing our knowledge around leather and all it's varying treatments.


Housing of Ambition

So the search has concluded and we are now well settled into our new home, onto the laundry list of tasks yet to be completed.  We are workin...

Home without a house and Hari Nyepi

So things are developing nicely, second samples have been ordered and are being made. 

Of greater concern though is the lack of confirmation of permanent digs. The search has been far and wide and now we wait for a decision as to whether we have secured anything.

Also of note is the impending Hari Nyepi, something that is not taken lightly around here and is strictly followed by all. Worth the read,

So it begins,

We are in the process of finalising quality control and designs for the launch of the site.

We are setting up in the Canggu area,  it has great surf, great people and just enough going on without being over the top.

Once we're in our new digs, down the long list of tasks we will venture, to bring the good life to you. 

More to come shortly but first things first...