The power and the passion

Things are returning to business as usual around here with the guys back from visiting their friends and family for Ramadan. 

This week we have had some great interest from different organisations from different parts of the world. We were struck this week by the power of the internet. It's ability to connect, and to spread the word about what we are doing from our little corner of the world. We are really looking forward to sharing some of the support we have been receiving behind the scenes. Of note is someone who has been a influence on our journey so far and is definitely someone living their own version of the good life. We can't say too much but watch this space. 

We are also adding one of our new products to the mix today and look forward to seeing what everyone thinks, so far the response has been very positive. We are pleased to share our new Output the "Call me Ishmael"

On a slightly unrelated note, we had the pleasure of attending a great show last weekend, except we didn't. Instead we headed down to the beach in front of where the concert was playing and set up with a few friends and a few beers. The part that made it truly amazing was that unbeknownst to us there was a fireworks display set up all around us. Next thing, fireworks are going off all around and the remnants of spent casings raining down on us. It was such a sweet combination of emotions and a great experience, definitely chalking that up as a Good Life moment.