About Us

Bon Vivant: [French] literally, "one who lives well".
Born into this world in Brisbane, Australia, BNVVT was ultimately forged of adventure...a calling...a siren song leading it away from the path most travelled. Eventually, BNVVT met and fell for the Good Life.
BNVVT strives to take on as many attributes of the Good Life as possible. Intelligence. Creativity. Industriousness. An inquisitive, ever-searching mind. We aim to always be dignified and refined, sincere and heartfelt. Above all, though, we are humble.
BNVVT is made the only way that matters - by hand. Hand-finished. And only from the best material for the job. Go to Methods if you would like to read more about what we do and how we do it. BNVVT is you, me and anyone who can find that little spark of goodness in everything. 
BNVVT is for those who can find comfort and enjoyment in the small pleasures as much as the large. It is the mark of a lady, gentleman and the adventurer in all of us. These outputs are designed to be there with you always, inspiring and accompanying, as you experience the Good Life.
33 Skirving St Morningside
QLD, Australia 4170