Amazing people who are helping spread the word on Bon Vivant and the good life. 

The Wearhouse District - 22 August 2016

Sometimes our gear can look a little too vintage, in this shoot The Wearhouse District shows a modern edge to our Rolltop in Black Thanks The Wearhouse District

The Wearhouse District - 9 August 2016

Great summer vibes coming from this shoot featuring our Pina Shoes! Thanks The Wearhouse District

5pit TW - 10 June 2016

We were humbled and amazed when we were contacted by the Taiwanese blog, 5pit even more so when we saw their beautiful images of our shoes! 


Man of Many - 21 August 2015

Man of Many continue there awesome support by showing our Stop Drop and Roll top backpack.

Vouch Mag - 24 July 2015

 The great team Vouch Mag at wrote up our Spritz shoes. 


Man of Many - 22 July 2015

Man of Many highlighted the Call me Ishmael in their lifestyle section.

Man of Many - 21 July 2015

Man of Many bringing some love to our new range of shoes!

Studio Home - June 16 2015

Studio Home wrote a kind piece about our experience in Bali. 

Studio Home - 10 October 2014

Studio Home included us in their list of creatives from their recent trip to Bali. 

The Urban List - 11 February 2014

The Urban List including us in a list of Boutique Online Stores You Need To Check Out!



Cool Hunting - 5 February 2014

CoolHunting Providing daily inspiration around design, technology, style, culture, food and travel.



The Lifestyle Elite - 20 January 2014

The Lifestyle Elite Bringing you the lifestyle you want to live 



The Versatile Gent - 13 January 2014

The Versatile Gent includes us in their 2014 Wardrobe Essentials 


Stamp the Wax - 20 December 2013

 Stamp the Wax  Christmas Gift Guide


The Versatile Gent - 19 December 2013

The Versatile Gent does an interview with us on our methods and motivations



The Thousands - 7 October 2013

 The Thousands serving up online information about the happenings of Australian cities



Smith Journal - 19 Spetember 2013

Smith Journal is a quarterly publication and blog who we ran a competition with, congratulations to the winner Alister from Brisbane


Studio Home - 30 August 2013

Studio Home is an amazing blog that exclusively posts on creative talent from Down Under