Overwhelmed by support

With Christmas and New Year been and gone and almost through the first month of 2014 time is flying by. 

We were very lucky to have a veritable cavalcade of friends and family come and visit. This was a true pleasure and made the festive season that much more festive. However how the time did fly. From running around trying to find different bits and pieces for our orphan Christmas, to toing and froing on which of the many good options to ring in the New Year. With the requisite tour guide hot spots thrown in-between.

As with almost all things in life it was the simple pleasures that brought the most satisfaction. Packing in the car and adventuring to an all but forgotten waterfall in the middle of the island. Instead of letting being caught in a monsoonal rain on New Years Eve dampen the spirits, going with it and taking motorcycle taxis home shielding our eyes with our hands from the stinging rain and laughing in convoy. Mistaking Roman Candles for wrapping paper and delighting the children of our street with the impromptu firework display. 

It is for these reasons and many more that we really felt we were living the good life. It was a affirmative and invigorating experience.

All the while however keeping things moving forward on the BNVVT front. We had a large amount of support in the pre Christmas and early new year period with some nice write ups and support from blogs and social media outlets. This continues to confirm the power of social media and benefits of working with different advocates to spread the word of BNVVT. 

Wishing all the best for the new year