Touch, Pause, Engage

We are so pleased to have our site up and running and to be open for business. We have been truly overwhelmed by the response to the site and our output. We have immense gratitude to those that have shared, liked, commented and have helped us share the good life with others.

With our first orders out the door we are now focusing our efforts on some additional areas. Firstly the release of regular limited edition outputs that will benefit from the extensive skills of our craftsmen and seek to reflect the the concept of Bon Vivant. In that each limited edition output will differ, tailored to differing needs and aesthetics, highlighting the individual nature of the good life and how this can differ from person to person. Secondly we are searching for and selecting individuals who share the aspiration of living and promoting their own version of the good life. We hope our output will assist them with these aspirations and also help to spread the word about the good life. We are very excited to be discussing this further. 

On the matter of practicality, with the great response to our store opening we are finalising our reorders. With Ramadan approaching it is expected that there may be disruptions to production as many of our suppliers and some of our crafstmen will be travelling to be home with family. Some might see this as frustrating, however we are impressed and inspired that the pace of life is slowed so that people can spend time with family and friends and acknowledge the importance they play in our ability to live the good life. So if you have been eyeing off one of our outputs then of course we would recommend purchasing now so that we can place our reorder and avoid any disruptions

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