The Social Network is a film we've seen

So after an extended hiatus we are back updating the happenings. We've spent the past month or so back in Australia, attending nuptials, seeking advice from other experts and extensively increasing our existing knowledge around leather and all it's varying treatments.

Some ideas have been formed on different treatments we can apply to our output with the hope of creating an increasing array of effects. So now that we're back in Bali we intend on trying out some of these suggestions like a mad scientist. Whilst we have been away our super talented craftsmen have been working on producing our first collection which we hope will be ready to send shortly.

We have also had some further samples made and are eagerly awaiting their fruition. We hope to be dropping new and limited runs on a fairly regular basis to keep things fresh. 

On top of that we have started to make a real effort in getting the word out there about the good life and what we're up to. Hashtags, likes, follows and shares are all becoming second nature, but if you would like help out we'd be most appreciative.

There is still a lot to do and we're enjoying it immensely, but for now the waves are calling.....