Duffel - Chestnut

Duffel - Chestnut

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Gym, Work Trips, Overseas Deployment, whatever.

This is our go anywhere bag, it is large enough to fit quite a bit of gear in but can still sneak into most airlines carry on restrictions. 

This bag is designed to be a story teller, give it a story to tell. 

Handles and double fixed straps to wear it as you like, also has a D-Ring so you can lock the zipper. 

The chestnut is made with a Semi Chrome leather which gives it s a pre-softened look and supple feel. Semi-Chrome tanned leather is leather which is chrome tanned after having first been vegetable tanned or syntanned. The chrome re-tannage makes the leather softer and more flexible
Length 23inch x diameter 11inch (its round, sorry if this brings back nightmares of math problems.)
58cm x 28cm