Bon Vivant Interview Series with Julia Ashwood

Julia is the creator and driving force behind The Vista, The Vista is a unique travel guide for the modern nomad. A beautifully styled showcase of inspirational people, unique destinations, carefully curated travel guides and holiday style. Avid traveller Julia Ashwood has created a platform to inspire your wildest dreams, a virtual porthole to escape to another world.Travel guides, inspo & stories for nomads & dreamers You can follow her adventures on Instagram  We have recently collaborated on a new bag The Companion


Photo by Rachel Kara 

What do you consider to be the key elements to a Bon Vivant?
Equal parts passion, curiosity and confidence in their own person style and expression.

Photo by Sybil Steele

Do you have a personal motto that guides you?
Open eyes, open mind, open heart.

Dogs or Cats? Why?
Dogs. My husband wants a Weimaraner and I would love a kelpie or a staffie. Yet not until we have enough room for both!

Is location important to your personal and professional happiness? i.e Could you do what you do how you do it somewhere else? Would you want to?

I am incredibly inspired and motivated when I travel. Being in the one place too long can make you feel stagnant. We are SO lucky in today's day and age to have mobile offices, work from anywhere and have our office in the cloud (literally or metaphorically!).

Photo by Rachel Kara
Carry on or checked luggage?
Pack light. Carry on.

What are 2-3 things you need to be happy?
The ocean, my husband, family and friends.

Who inspires you and how?
Everyday a new person. Part of what I do allows me to meet so many interesting and creative people who blow me away. Artists in LA, free surfers in Byron Bay, foodies in Bali, to oyster farmers in Tassie and hoteliers in Morocco.

How do you go about creating your ideal life? Who is working behind the scenes?
I'm so lucky to work with many creatives around the world, freelancers who support what The Vista is about and love what we do. In terms of an ideal life, I feel it's all about how you approach everyday. Meditation has certainly helped me to channel my energy in the right directions.

What are some of the thorny issues you find yourself dealing with whether ethical, emotional, practical?
The only pressure I feel is always self inflicted. I am always thinking of the next thing, the next story, the next adventure. If anything I am guilty of not sitting still, but I'm an Aquarian it's what we do.

What are the books that you have most gifted other people or most recommended to other people?
I just gifted my Dad a copy of David Attenborough's biography for his birthday which he loved. Jonathan Livingston Seagull is also a sweet little tale that my friend Jon passed onto me many years ago.

What advice would you give to people out there thinking of starting their own business/pursuit of dreams?
Do it. What do you have to loose. There is nothing harder nor more satisfying than sicking it out and having your own business.

What gets you excited about waking up in the morning?
YOGA & Coffee.

What's happening for Julia Ashwood on this day in 2020?
Four year's from this day, I will be celebrating my five year wedding anniversary, somewhere exotic with great friends, excellent cocktails and lot's of stars!

Photo by Sybil Steele